TOBIAS SOCIAL WELFARE FOUNDATION, TAINAN                                    March  2020
Established in 2010 the TOBIAS SOCIAL WELFARE FOUNDATION is part of Tainan Catholic Diocese's social services network and is supervised by Tainan City's Bureau of Social Affairs. This November the foundation will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Being in the “school-age”, the foundation still has a lot to learn. However, being young, she is also full of life, dreaming of new adventures to come.

The foundation’s logo depicts the archangel Raphael accompanying the young Tobias on a journey to a land far away. On their journey, Tobias caught a large fish. Raphael told Tobias to keep the fish bile to cure his father Tobit's blindness. He did it, and by rubbing the fish bile on his father’s eyes, he cured his disability.
Hebrew “Tobias” means “God is good”, or in Chinese: “God is beautiful 美 and benevolent 善”. This is why In Chinese our foundation is called ”美善”. But of course, it is not the foundation that has these qualities, but the One who entrusted us with a special mission: to lend a helping hand to people often being marginalized by society. We hope that through the foundation’s services these people may taste God’s tenderness.
Tobias Social Welfare Foundation provides services for infants who are at risk of developmental delays. It offers support to adults who are mentally challenged or have multiple disabilities, as well as to needy elderly individuals confined to their homes and families of aging people with disabilities. It also supports families caring for bedridden beloved ones by rendering home-based bathing services.
Tobias Foundation’s staff members –at present 57 full-time and 13 part-time employees- are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise: therapists, social workers, special educators and public relations and office workers. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of people often marginalized by society as well in the lives of those caring for them.
OUR MOTTO: "Dignity for All”
Dignity is not something we can give. It is something that we can find and bring to light in each human being. Children, youth, adults and old folks, women, and men, all want to be loved and respected, whatever their situation is.
Each human being is unique. His or her value does not depend on looking different or acting a certain way, having defined abilities or making specific achievements. A person's worth lies in the fact that he or she is made to the image of God, the Creator and is capable of loving and being loved.

Diversity is something healthy in nature as well as in the human community. We want to create neighborhoods that not only accept it but also feel at ease with it and want to celebrate it. The foundation is opting for more inclusion and community-based services. We want to raise the public’s awareness of the needs of individuals with intellectual and multiple disabilities and of those being marginalized by society. They deserve the same respect and have the same rights as any other person.

Early Intervention Notification & Referral and Case Management Center for Infants with Developmental Delay - commissioned by the Tainan City Bureau of Social Affairs
Provides support for families having a child at risk of developmental delay to enhance the child's healthy growth and development, introducing services specifically designed to meet the parents' and children's individual needs.

Guangming Early Intervention & Education Center
Helps infants and toddlers with developmental delay or disability between 6 months and 6 years of age to advance in all areas of growth. The Center offers individual and group classes. The services may be center-based, home-based, nursery school-based, or a combination of it.

Jisheng Workshop, Chongmei Workshop, Taijiang Workshop
3 Community-based Day Services for Young Adults with Special Needs: These ateliers provide work, handicraft and other meaningful activities that lead to more productive, independent and satisfying lives. Through indoor and outdoor activities the individuals are taught communication and working skills, basic self-help, speaking up for themselves and making decisions.
Tainan City Fitness Center for People with Disabilities
This service not only improves the individuals’ health and fitness, but it also creates and develops social relationships that make them feel happier. A multi-disciplinary staff assesses the individual’s physical health and writes out an exercise plan to enhance her or his physical fitness and well-being.

In-Home Support Service for People with Disabilities and their Elderly Carers
Aging individuals with intellectual disabilities and their aging parents are seen as the "double aging" problem, which means that the family will face a double burden of healthcare. This program gives practical support to those individuals and families in need of, offers information about available health and social welfare services and helps persons concerned to make appropriate choices.

In-Home Support Services for Elderly
To ensure a stable, dignified, healthy and peaceful life, we offer community-based timely assistance to seniors living with their families. Putting the right services in place not only promotes the well-being of the elderly but also helps and reduces the stress of those taking care of their loved ones.

In-Home Bathing service for Bedridden Persons
Bedridden individuals often cannot get the appropriate hygienic care. Giving someone a complete bath requires time, patience and respect for the patient's privacy and dignity. Our ambulatory home-based bathing service is provided by a team of three specially trained staff members: a nurse, a caretaker and an operator. Throughout the entire process, they pay attention so that the client feels respected and comfortable.
Professional Interdisciplinary Therapy Service
A team of therapists is working hand in hand with the Tobias Foundation and is offering the professional know-how to others in need of. Its services are covering physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as assessment and use of rehab aids.

Last year over 2000 families were using our services, 200 of them on a regular daily or weekly basis. In the last two evaluations by Tainan City's Bureau of Social Affairs, Tobias Social Welfare Foundation received top marks. Our common commitment to the wellbeing of the socially marginalized and those in need of help gets support from many non-christian (e.g. Buddhist and Taoist) religious communities as well as from secular organizations and enterprises.
The foundation’s programs, as well as the clients’ service-fees, are partly subsidized by the central or local governments. However, without raising funds from individual and corporate donors the foundation wouldn’t be able to continue its services. Approximately 50% of the yearly expenditure’s amount has to be obtained through fundraising. The present worldwide economic slowdown makes it more difficult for social welfare organizations like ours to fundraise the amount of money needed for their regular services.
With the local bishop’s consent, the Congregation of the Mission (C.M.) entrusted the St. Raphael Church in Tainan’s East District and all of its surroundings to our Tobias Foundation to be used for our social services. With a donor’s generous support, the foundation has already begun refurbishing the area around the church. Some smaller constructions and shanties were torn down, and the whole area behind the church was leveled out. However, the small red brick church (196 m2) requires urgent repairs. The plans include dividing the church building into two separate parts. The front part will serve as a chapel that can accommodate up to 60 people, while the rear part, separated by a soundproof wall, will become the foundation’s office including a small meeting room. The total estimated cost of this project is approx. 5’000’000 TWD (152’000 Euro). This project not only will give the foundation urgently required office space, it also will give back to the Guangming Early Intervention and Education Center workspace that had been occupied by the foundation for over five years. - A big thank you to everyone who supports our project!
For more information about our services please contact us
Postal Address: No.191 Guangming Street, 701014 Tainan, TAIWAN Tel.+886 6 236-5328
In-Charge: Fr. Hugo PETER (吳道遠 神父) Mobile: +886 928301539
E-mail: tobias.tainan@gmail.com or hugo.peter2015@gmail.com
If you wish to make a donation, please use the following information to make a bank transfer
- Taiwan Business Bank Anping Branch, Swift Code: MBBTTWTP730
- Bank address: No. 67, Sec. 1, Jhonghua W. Rd., Tainan, 70266 Taiwan
- Account Number: 73012186093
- Account Holder: Tobias Social Welfare Foundation or by postal remittance in Taiwan:
- Postal Account Number: 31591731
- Account Holder: Tobias Social Welfare Foundation
A receipt will be issued upon each donation entitling the donor to a Taiwan tax deduction.
Thank you for your support!